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SALT Ministries address:  P. O. Box 104 – Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

We would love to meet your community.

Please forward SALT information to your Church Leadership and missions committee members. We prepared a few useful links about SALT to include in the introductory email. To learn more, click bellow.

Host a Seminar

"Gateways" Seminar SALT offer seminars about Islam and our strategy of reaching Muslims which we developed based on our 20 years of missions in the Arab world.

o The origin of Islam
o Basic beliefs of Islam
o How Islam views and treat Women
o Current events in the Arab world (Aljehad & ISIS)
o How to build “Gateways” of trust with Arabs and Muslims

Any of these topics can be combined for a 1-3 hours seminar to equip your community

George and/or Xena are available to speak to your community. To request a speaker, please click below.

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